Police describe Sidney Moorer withholding information from officers, lying

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CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) – The man accused of kidnapping Heather Elvis is back in court Wednesday for the third day of his obstruction of justice trial.

Sidney and his wife, Tammy Moorer, are both charged with kidnapping Heather Elvis. Police say Sidney lied to them while they investigated her disappearance.

Tuesday, prosecutors pointed out more of what they say are inconsistencies with Moorer’s story.

Tuesday afternoon, the jury heard one of Sidney’s first interviews with police where officers asked about the last phone call between Sidney and Heather.

In the police interview, Sidney said he and his wife didn’t leave the house that night after that last phone call was made to Heather Elvis’ phone.

When police asked about when they went to sleep that night, Sidney admitted the couple had major trust issues, stemming from his affair with Heather.

“Alright this is weird, so don’t look at me like I’m crazy or she’s crazy. The trust issue is big,” Sidney Moorer said in the interview. “So when we go to sleep, I’m handcuffed to the bed. She’s the only one with the key.”

In the same interview, he also said that his wife kept his phone.

Prosecutors questioned that story Tuesday in court because of another interview Sidney gave police.

Jurors saw the dash cam video Monday when officers visited Sidney’s house in the middle of the night, not long after Heather disappeared. He came outside, alone, and answered questions and also let investigators see his phone.

“I’m confused because, did I hear him say earlier that he was supposed to be chained to the bed and his wife kept his phone,” solicitor Nancy Livesay asked. “But, apparently, this night he was out talking to the police and had his phone.”

Sidney also admitted to calling Heather on a payphone, after initially denying the call. Sidney’s attorney kept asking what police did differently because of what Sidney said.

“It’s like I said before, the rest of our investigation is basically trying to figure out how much of his statements to us are actually truth or lies,” said former detective Jeff Cauble.

The jury will be back at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday morning for day three of the trial.

The prosecution says it has two more witnesses while the defense says it doesn’t have any witnesses.

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