CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A Charleston-based nonprofit is sending a team to Ukraine to evaluate humanitarian conditions on the ground as the Russian invasion continues.

Water Mission is an engineering organization that focuses on sanitation, making sure vulnerable populations have access to safe water.

A four-person disaster response team will deploy to Ukraine to assess “the safe water, sanitation, and hygiene needs of thousands of people fleeing to neighboring countries.”

The team will work with other humanitarian organizations to meet the needs of people impacted by the crisis.

“In any crisis, the need for emergency safe water access is critical for survival. It helps prevent the spread of waterborne diseases, which are especially deadly to young children,” said Water Mission’s CEO and President, George Greene IV.

Greene continued, saying “we anticipate a drastic increase in displaced people seeking safety from the ongoing conflict… Our team is well versed in quickly mobilizing and working with partners on the ground to bring emergency safe water systems when and where they are needed most.”