NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Move-in weekend has kicked off at Charleston Southern University.

“Every time I look at my phone, go through my phone, I know exactly how many days, how many hours, and how many minutes are left until move-in day,” said incoming junior Rachel Kramer, as she excitedly pointed to a countdown on her phone. “And it’s now at zero.”

On Friday, CSU welcomed an expected 600+ new students to campus for day one of move-in weekend. Boxes were filled to the brim as students packed up the last 18 years, to bring to their new home for the next four.

“I brought a lot of clothes. A lot of storage to make sure I’m trying to fit everything,” said Savannah Williamson who is starting her freshman year.

This year, CSU officials predict a record-breaking number of people will be living on campus this year. They anticipate more than 1,300 students will be all moved in by the end of the weekend. Officials said the highest number of residents they have had was 1,348 in 2016.

“I think some of it is the COVID effect. People want to get out and live life again. And part of it is what we’re offering here at the school,” said Clark Carter, the Vice President for Student Life.

There are so many students moving in that officials are using the CSU-owned Wingate Hotel for overflow housing. Nearly all four floors will be occupied by students.

For many studying at CSU, this weekend marks their first time moving away from home.

“It’s different for sure, but exciting still,” said Maylin Dill, an incoming freshman. Her roommate Presley Charlton shared a similar sentiment.

“A little nervous. I have never left home before, it’s kind of far. But excited too,” said Charlton as she gets ready for her junior year.

University officials said about 2,400 students will be on campus this fall, with 1,000 others pursuing graduate degrees and online studies.

Move-in for returning students begins on Saturday at 8 am.