Customers accuse Summerville jeweler of swapping diamonds for fakes


Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the former owner of Dorchester Jewelers because people say the diamonds they bought were fakes. The business recently closed up shop, and now customers are coming forward accusing the owner, Jill Henry, of giving them cubic zirconia, but charging them for diamonds.

One of these customers, Diane Sarrocco says, “I guess she has no conscience to continue to do this.”

She says Jill Henry from Dorchester Jewelers gave her a deal on a diamond ring that seemed too good to be true.

Sarrocco says, “Once I received the ring, I made the comment the day I picked it up, ‘this looks so big it almost looks fake’.”

She took it to another jeweler for appraisal and found the stone was cubic zirconia.

She says, “My reaction was just shocked, and I have to let Jill know that she’s dealing with unethical people here, and then I realized it was… Jill knew about this, she had to have a part in this. I just felt so betrayed.”

Sarrocco took her other jewelry to be inspected and says she found more lies.

She says, “And I was sold earrings under the pretense that they were real diamonds, and they were synthetic diamonds.”

She tells me both times she confronted Jill Henry and was either given another diamond or her money back.

Sarrocco says, “When I went to the police about it, they said as long as I had restitution I couldn’t go forward.”

And she’s not the only one. News 2 found multiple reports claiming people either purchased fake gems, or their authentic gems were swapped out for false ones when they went to Dorchester Jewelers for a repair or cleaning.

Sarrocco says, “I’m still stunned that in our little town someone could get away with this.”

News 2 went to ask Jill Henry about the accusations, but she didn’t come to the door. Diane Sarrocco hopes her story is a tale of caution to other customers.

She says, “I’m fearful there are a lot of people out there, unsuspecting people, that may not have the real jewelry that they thought they had.”

News 2 spoke to other local jewelers today and they say they have heard these reports for years. Another victim says she was cheated out of more than $100,000 in jewelry and has hired a lawyer who is working with Dorchester County on the open investigation.

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