Daniel Island Academy was named a South Carolina Farm to Preschool site.  This is the first within Berkeley county to receive site designation and funding. The school also offers unique programs for students.   We’re on Daniel Island for our Cool School of the week.

Planting, tending, nurturing, growing, that’s what you find taking place in and out of the classroom here at Daniel Island Academy.  Director Kerry Nowosielski says, “We take pride everyday in doing all that we can for the betterment of young children, and really reaching out to our youngest learners.  Everything that we’re doing is done in a fun and engaging way.”

Students take pride  in their hands on learning experience in the school’s garden.  Teacher Kayla Bennett says,”The garden is the chance for the kids to learn about their environment and planting and science.  Each class comes out and they can plant new herbs new plants and veggies, and right now we have collard greens and mint and parsley.  It’s great for the kids can come in anytime.”

Daniel Island Academy  is a South Carolina Farm to Preschool program grant recipient.  The program enhances agriculture and nutrition education.  Nowosielski  says, “Teaching children to eat the right foods, eat colorful foods/. They

work with the teachers and chef, and they water those gardens and harvest food from there.  We use it in our kitchen as well as our classroom.  Last month, we harvested so many collard greens, and you would walk through this building and you would go into these classrooms and there would be collard greens cooking in classrooms crock pots for the children.  It’s been a great opportunity for us to extend the learning of nutrition with our young children.”

Four-year-old Liam Burton says, “It’s cool because there is a lot of stuff you can eat.  It’s a vegetable.”

Daniel Island Academy is one of only five preschools in the Lowcountry to be accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  Students have foreign language, physical education, and literacy programs.

They also learn  conscious discipline.  Teacher Janell Simmons says, “Conscious discipline is basically a different way of handling conflicts or issues in the classroom.  We don’t do any time out here.  We redirect kids and look at something they’re doing wrong.  We give them choices which is always a good thing for children.”  “I love Daniel Island Academy,” says four-year-old eliza Broad.

Daniel Island Academy is in the middle of a special literacy initiative to support the Cynthia Hurd Foundation.  The school has a joy committee program.  This group works closely with the assisted living facility next door. Throughout the school year students visit and participate in many activities with seniors.

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