A single phone call cost one Goose Creek woman thousands.

Christine Bostic is the latest victim of a phone scam where the caller impersonates a drug enforcement agency officer.

The mother got a call Tuesday regarding diet pills the caller claimed were obtained illegally and told Bostic US marshals were on their way to arrest her. “That’s what really scared me,” said Bostic, who runs a daycare in her house, “the whole thing he kept playing through is the US marshals are coming to arrest you.”

Bostic says the caller told her to not tell anyone about the nature of the call and then if she did she would be violating the patriot act. The caller then struck a deal with Bostic, telling her that the marshals would not arrest her if she paid a $3800 fine.

After two hours of be willed or meant, Bostic deposited the cash into a bank of America and waited for the marshals who were supposedly bringing her a packet of documents for her immunity. “That’s when I knew I had been had,” said Bostic.

She took her case to the Goose Creek Police Department where they flat out told her she was scammed.

“The government doesn’t work quickly, government doesn’t work in minutes,” said Bostic, “government works in days, so I really should have known.”

In an earlier statement, the DEA wrote:

“Impersonating a federal agent is a violation of federal law. The public should be aware that no DEA agent will ever contact members of the public by telephone to demand money or any other form of payment.”