CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Dominion Energy says they have crews in place across the state who are ready to respond to whatever Nicole brings to the Lowcountry.

The power company is preparing for downed trees, power outages and other inconveniences that may result from Nicole.

“Crewmembers,” Dominion Energy of South Carolina spokesman Paul Fischer said, “vehicles and equipment are staged across all of our service territory.”

Fischer says they prepare for severe weather year-round because they know storms in the Lowcountry can happen at any moment.

“It’s important for us to be prepared no matter what that forecast brings,” he said, “whether that can be outages due severe winds or heavy rains or flooding.”
When outages do occur, Fischer says their goal is to assess the damage and restore as many customers’ power as they can, as quickly as they can.

“That process is going to begin by starting with our points of generation,” he said, “and then working through to where the power is actually delivered to our customers’ homes and businesses.”
High winds and heavy rain may also cause downed power lines, and they ask that if you notice any near you, report it immediately.

“Always assume that a downed powerline is energized and that it’s dangerous,” Fischer said. “Keep in mind the downed lines may not always be visible immediately following a storm. They can be buried under debris, so use extra caution.”
Dominion Energy says they’ll continue to monitor the storm’s track and deploy additional resources when needed to keep everyone across the Palmetto State out of harm’s way.
“The safety of our customers and our employees is our top priority,” Fischer said. “And just as we’re prepared for a storm, we urge our customers to be prepared as well and stay safe.”

Fischer says if you experience a power outage, or see downed trees or power lines as a result of the storm, the best way to report it is through the Dominion Energy app.