Donation made to support Lowcountry Vietnam war veterans


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A major donation was made in support of Lowcountry veterans. The money is going towards honoring those who fought in the Vietnam War.

At least a dozen veterans presented a 1,500 dollar check to Patriots Point today to support their 3-acre exhibit.

“That’s the picture we paint here, we are the voice here in this facility of those young 18-19 Americans who lived, died, and fought for this country,” said Stoney Bates, Vietnam veteran.

The money donated today from a group called the “NAM Knight of America” will help with bringing the Vietnam war experience here to Lowcountry at Patriots Point.

“To make people aware and say hey we are those people that stepped up we are the guys that provide the freedom to this country and we were happy to do it and whatever we can do to get out there,” said James Ciroulli, Sergeant of Arms for NAM Knight of America.

People and veterans from all over the country come to Patriots Point to remember and reflect on their experiences and experiences of their loved ones.

“Their welcome home wasn’t like our welcome home from Iraq and Afghanistan, so these guys need to be remembered every day and women, need to be remembered,” said Anthony Marrow, Vice President of NAM Knight of America.

Their goal is to continue to teach future generations about previous wars and what shaped our country.

“It’s not only the war veterans of any war but especially the Vietnam war veterans and their families, children, grandchild, gives them an idea of what their loved one experiences during the Vietnam war,” said Bates, Vietnam veteran.

The exhibit plans to show what life was like during the war and serve as a place for veterans to reflect on their personal experience’s.

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