Dorchester Children’s Center speaks out on Josh Duggar controversy


The Dorchester Children’s Center is speaking out about the controversy surrounding the Duggar family, the stars of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting.”

Their son, Josh, was recently accused of child molestation, when he was younger. The Dorchester Children’s Center holds assessments for kids who display sexual behavior problems, and can place them in a weekly group meeting, treating kids as young as preschool to adolescents.

The therapists there say it’s important to try and make kids aware of these behaviors, and are partnered with the school districts in Dorchester County, with a program called “Be Safe.”

Meghan Nyers, a therapist at the Dorchester Children’s Center says, “Some children don’t know these behaviors are wrong, they don’t know that their behaviors are inappropriate or not ok… so teaching the young children there are ok and not ok touches and to disclose about it, and teaching the parents or the teachers what to look for in terms of how to respond to these kids or how to just ask questions.”

If you’d like to contact the DCC about any concerns you may have head to their website at

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