DORCHESTER CO., S.C. (WCBD)- Dorchester County Sheriff L.C. Knight says every school in the country needs an armed school resource officer, or multiple depending on the size of the school.

A school shooting is what every parent, teacher and officer can’t bear to imagine, but has to be prepared for.

“We’re going to respond as quick as we can,” Sheriff Knight said. “One of my SRO’s calls and says they have a problem, everybody’s going.”

The Nashville school shooting earlier this week grabbed the attention of the nation, and also the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office.

“We do think by looking at that, maybe there’s something we need to change or whether we need to adjust some things,” Sheriff Knight said.

Watching the surveillance footage of the Nashville shooting you see the shooter firing into the glass doors to get inside, Sheriff Knight says he believes every school should have metal doors instead of glass ones.

For Sheriff Knight it’s a reminder that when it comes to school resource officers, there should be no question.

“We need one in every school.” Sheriff Knight said.

However, he says that’s easier said than done, especially because it’s an expensive task.

Even though there is a state requirement to have an SRO, the state doesn’t pay their officers’ salaries.

“Its grant funded for us, the rest of it comes from the school district and the county,” Sheriff Knight said.

Every public school in Dorchester County has at least one deputy as an SRO.

Knight says since private schools don’t get county funding, there are a few in Dorchester County that don’t have an SRO.

He says a bigger budget can change that, but it’ll take teamwork with legislatures, schools, and law enforcement.

Sheriff Knight said, “It would be nice to have more people, but again, where does the money come from, how do you afford it? Everybody don’t want to raise the taxes, it’s just, how do you do it?”