Downtown Charleston neighbors frustrated with community trash problems


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Neighbors in Cannonborough-Elliottborough have had to start cleaning up themselves as trash lines the streets from college parties.

Will Greene, the vice president of the Cannonborough-Elliottborough Neighborhood Association, says that he wants to have more help from the students to keep the roads clean.

He says most of the trash gets dropped on the streets when the parties end late at night.

“We’ll get the spill out and it’ll just be trash and urine and beer cups all over the place. They kind of leave in a wake of trash. Not to mention the noise late at night,” said Greene.

Neighbors like Greene are not opposed to having the college students in the neighborhood and want to communicate with them about the issue.

“We’re looking for a little more interaction with the actual students, maybe some of the greek life leadership, maybe some of the student leadership,” said Greene.

The College of Charleston told News 2 that students who disrupt neighbors will face action from the school’s code of conduct.

The City of Charleston is working on a solution to help hold landlords and tenants accountable.

Since some of the owners are out-of-state landlords or LLCs, the city is developing a plan to have every owner able to communicate with their tenants and the city faster.

“(The owners) will have to provide the city with contact information for a person in close proximity of Charleston that we can contact in a timely manner when there are issues at these properties,” said Dan Riccio, Director of Livability for the City of Charleston.

Riccio says that they hope to have a plan, which needs to include the whole city, ready for a city council subcommittee in a few months.

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