CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston County School District (CCSD) Superintendent Dr. Eric Gallien is speaking out for the first time since he was placed on paid administrative leave by the Charleston County School Board of Trustees last month.

This is also the first time we’re hearing from Dr. Gallien since he made the decision to sue CCSD, and he told News 2 it was important for him to attend tonight’s game to show support for students and community members who continue to show support for him.

Dr. Gallien was seen at Friday night’s Burke High School homecoming football game at Johnson Hagood Stadium shaking hands, giving hugs and laughing with several students and members of the community.

Dr. Gallien says he has been fine since he was placed on paid administrative leave, and he says he’s happy to be able to celebrate with students at Burke High School’s homecoming game.

“The Community has supported me,” Dr. Gallien said. “The students have supported me, and I really wanted to show up because this was on my calendar anyway, and I just wanted to make sure I followed through on my commitment. I am here for these kids. I am here for all 50,000 students; all of them. I want to give them the best education that they can have.”

State Representative Wendell Gilliard was also at Friday’s game sitting with Dr. Gallien. He says being there with Dr. Gallien was for moral support as the superintendent continues to go through challenges with the District’s Board of Trustees.”

“We have to do what’s right and what’s just,” Gilliard said, “and that’s stand with him. I’m talking about people of all creeds and all colors. You’d be surprised by the phone calls I was getting from people who are Republicans, Independents and Democrats telling me that they stand behind this gentleman because what has happened to him is a form of injustice.”

News 2 asked Dr. Gallien about his decision to sue CCSD, however, he declined to comment.

On Monday, state lawmakers are scheduled to meet to address the legality of Dr. Gallien being placed on paid administrative leave and the Charleston County School Board is set to meet on Monday as well, where they are expected to discuss this ongoing situation.