NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – A dumping duo in Dorchester County has been anything but resourceful when disposing of unwanted items.

“You just don’t dump stuff like this on the side of the road,” says Cathy Rogers, a Summerville Citizen.

On Wednesday Afternoon the two men arrived in this utility pickup trailer outside of an apartment complex in North Charleston.

“They started hauling toilets and other debris off of it into the woods. I was so mad that I just started filming it.,” says Rogers.

The men acted quickly, leaving the scene in just two minutes.

“There was a younger gentleman that looked about sixteen. His dad or his boss or whoever kept telling him to hurry up,” says Rogers.

Following the incident, we brought this video to the city of Charleston, they tell us that now code enforcement department on on the case.

“Besides the fact that littering is against the law it’s just unbecoming it’s wrong, it’s just wrong,”

Cathy Rogers, a Summerville citizen.

If found, those litter bugs could be looking a fine of over 1000 dollars plus thirty days in jail.

“Hopefully someone will recognize those people and turn them in. I’d love to see their punishment be picking up litter off the side of the road,” says Rogers.

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