GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCBD) – It’s a messy situation in one Goose Creek neighborhood.

Residents who live on Lucy Drive said they’re concerned about a large buildup of dust coming from a nearby construction site.

Darryl Parker lives close to the site, he said construction began in October. Since then, he said dust has blanketed cars, mailboxes, and homes.

“I worry about my air conditioner getting all the dust in it, the cars, you can see getting all dusty and dirty,” said Parker. “You can’t be outside if you want to, even on a nice day.”

According to Parker, construction crews sweep the street every few days, but it’s not long before it returns.

Another concern among neighbors is the influx of trucks that drive through the neighborhood, travelling to the site. Residents said dozens of trucks pass through each day, sometimes they even block driveways if backed up.

Parker wants answers and assistance with the cleanup.

“Someone needs to come by and hose down our cars a couple times a week, rinse our houses off.”

He did get in touch with a project manager on Friday who said he plans to visit the site next week and inspect the situation.

News 2 reached out to D.R. Horton and H&J Contracting but, they have not gotten back.

News 2 also reached out to Goose Creek City officials, but they were not available for comment.