Educating students in a safe nurturing and engaging learning environment, E. B. Ellington is a Gifted and Talented Academy with high expectations for all students. We’re in Ravenel for our Cool School of the week.

Kindergarten students in this advanced studies class at E. B. Ellington Elementary are learning brain science. “Today’s lesson is about neuroplasticity and brain science,” says kindergarten teacher Jessica Ross, “forming those connections and doing the challenging work it really does take to be successful. Teaching a growth mindset, really makes a difference. It flips the script. When work is hard or challenging, instead of getting frustrated and giving up, these kids are getting excited, Ms. Ross this is really difficult, I’m so excited to do it, and tackle it and it’s a mindset that will do well especially in the later years. We’re teaching it from kindergarten.” Kindergarten student Kendall Watkins says, “I learned that when something is easy, our brain falls asleep. When something is hard, our brain gets stronger, and our neurons get stronger, and we from a synapsis, and when we learn something new, it forms into a learning pathway.” Principal Wanda Hughes says, “A lot of our students are really understanding about the brain, about neuroplasticity, and how the brain works and how challenges help students to grow. They’re exposed to advanced engaging curriculum so its really an awesome curriculum that engages our students at E.B. Ellington.” Hughes says, “E.B. Ellington is unique. We partner with the College of Charleston. It’s called Talent Development Academy, and they partner with us, and we are given the curriculum for gifted and talented, so all of our students are engaged in high expectations and learning.”

The school’s robotics team will compete in the state robotics championship. E.B. Ellington is arts infused, and offers STEAM activities throughout the everyday curriculum. They also offer before and after school programs.

The Title-One school has one-to-one technology and implemented a personalized learning format this year. Summer Pettigrew is an Innovation Coach for Charleston County School District. She says, “We partner with a company called Education Elements which works to transform classrooms from teacher directed to student centered. We provide training and in house coaching to help teachers better differentiate their lessons to meet all levels of learners in their classrooms.”

Coming up Friday, we’ll present E.B. Ellington Elementary with our Cool School award.

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