Eastside neighbors raise concerns over proposed restaurant, owner looking to create welcoming bar


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Two brothers are hoping to open a new restaurant on Charleston’s Eastside but are facing some opposition to the plan from people living nearby. Neighbors in the area say they have some concerns over the potential for late night alcohol sales.

Eastside neighbors say they fear added nightlife could bring unwanted crime with it in the area late at night but aren’t opposed to a new restaurant in the area. Bedford Falls Charleston’s owners say their goal is to create a welcoming place for neighbors to feel like home while becoming part of the surrounding community.

“We’re happy to have a bar or restaurant or whatever he wants to call it,” says Steve Bailey who is among a group of concerned residents. “What we’re not interested in having is the King Street bar culture.”

Eastside neighbors worry a new bar at 430 Meeting Street could undo years of work to clean violent crime and drugs off the streets if late night alcohol sales are approved.

“So we’re saying no to a 2 AM bar,” says Bailey. “If he’s now saying now he doesn’t want a 2 AM bar and close at midnight, that’s terrific.”

A special exemption to sell alcohol after midnight was filed for the location before being withdrawn earlier this month. Brendan Kirkpatrick, a Co-Owner of the restaurant says he plans to shut down earlier.

“Midnight close, I have twenty years of experience in this industry at the 4 AM level, looking forward to going home earlier,” says Kirkpatrick.

Kirkpatrick plans to a bring a mix of American fare and drinks with a touch of Frank Sinatra, hoping to create a second home for the Eastside Community.

“Other than the hours, I’d like to replicate a similar concept,” says Kirkpatrick. “It’s going to be called Bedford Falls, it’s an homage to a 1946 Christmas movie.”

The two sides say they are hopeful a compromise can be reached, allowing for a successful neighborhood while maintaining a safe neighborhood for those living nearby.

“Come talk to us and understand our neighborhood, we’d like to find a compromise,” says Bailey.

“Gave strangers my phone number, I have no problem with it,” says Kirkpatrick. “My door is always open.”

Kirkpatrick, who plans to open the new restaurant with his brother, says he’s waiting on permits from the city before moving forward with plans for the restaurant and has yet to set an official opening date.

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