CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – An Emanuel Nine Memorial project in the works could soon get some help from the City of Charleston.

The project will honor the nine victims who were killed on June 17, 2015, when a gunman opened fire in the Emanuel AME Church during a Bible study.

According to officials with the Mother Emanuel Memorial Foundation, the project will cost $20 million, and so far, $12 million has been raised.

Charleston officials said City Council will soon consider putting $2 million towards the project with the help of high tourism revenues.

The Emanuel Nine Memorial will include a Memorial Courtyard that will commemorate the victims. This portion of the project will have fellowship benches and a fountain with the names of those who lost their lives carved into it.

A Survivor’s Garden will also be constructed in the project, signifying the five people who made it out alive the night of the shooting. The third component is the Contemplation Basin which will serve as a place to reflect and pray.

Blondelle Gadsden is a member of the Emanuel AME Church. Her sister, Myra Thompson, was leading the Bible study before she was killed. Gadsden said she is excited about the memorial.

“We are in a position where individual families are doing things to memorialize their loved ones, but this space gives us one common place where we can go and remember all nine,” said Gadsden.

The project will go in front of Charleston’s Technical Review Committee on Thursday for its third review. Officials with the foundation hope to break ground on the project in early 2023 and have it open in 2024.