SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – A Summerville woman is going out of her way to help children who have been struggling through the pandemic.

In March of 2020, two children reached out to Cindy Lundhagen after their father was laid off from his job. The family was in a tight spot financially, and they needed help. Cindy answered the call.

“I love these kids, it’s as simple as that. My heart is for these kids. And if there’s something that we can do, it costs us nothing, why not?

Cindy Lundhagen

She posted on Facebook asking her friends to pick up some extra food at the grocery store if they were able. That’s when she realized that the need — and the response — was much greater than she expected, and ‘Hearts for Summerville’ was born.

The organization started out small, just making sure a few kids had enough to eat. Over the past few years, its grown to serve over 650 kids. Cindy said she’s happy to help as many kids as she can, but “if we are making an impact on the life of one child, that’s success.”

Services have expanded as well. Hearts for Summerville provides help with anything from rental assistance to utility bills to teaching kids how to drive.

“We’re relational. We want to support the kids where they’re at with whatever needs they actually have,” Cindy explained.

Each week, Cindy and other volunteers make deliveries along 18 routes, each one with up to 45 children. They have partnered with businesses and churches to fill the growing need, but Cindy says more donations and volunteers are always welcome.

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