CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – After the death of her mother, Shari Sebuck enlisted the help of Jeremiah and Eugene Benton to clean out an old shed full of her mother’s belongings. Inside, they found an antique sewing machine that had belonged to her grandmother.

The machine was a prized possession of Sebuck’s grandparents, who were of very modest means. She said that her grandmother used it to make clothes for the whole family, sometimes out of feed sacks because they couldn’t afford other materials.

The machine was passed down to Seback’s mother, who was also a seamstress.

After years in storage, the century-old cast iron and wood machine needed some repairs. Sebuck once again enlisted the help of Jeremian and Eugene, trusting them to restore her family heirloom.

They began disassembling the machine piece by piece, with the help of an old owner’s manual they found tucked in one of the drawers.

Benton, a senior at Academic Magnet High School, combined his engineering, research, and history skills to complete the task.

They were eventually able to get the old machine working again, keeping in-tact many of the original parts.

Once complete, the group donated the machine to the Charleston County School of the Arts.