Everyday Hero: Helping the Bahamas

Everyday Heroes

While many in the Lowcountry saw some damage from Hurricane Dorian, it was nothing compared to the utter devastation suffered in the Bahamas.

But as we always seem to do, people here came together to help those in need. News 2’s Brendan Clark talks about the several groups of people we call our Everyday Heroes.

We have seen the pictures and video of towns gone, lives lost, and Dorian’s damage in the Bahamas was catastrophic. Help is already on the way, Water Mission providing safe drinking water to the thousands of people who don’t have it.

Mount Pleasant Waterworks along with Water Mission sending four volunteers to help in the relief effort. The North Charleston Police are accepting donations as part of “Operation Swat”, sending water to Abaco and Treasure Key. They filled their SWAT truck with over 1,500 cases of water, gas cans, and other much-needed supplies.

Huk Fishing, based in Ladson, sent tens of thousands of their shoes to the Bahamas. The fishing company says it doesn’t matter the cost, this disaster hit close to home.

Immediate and long term relief from the Meditteranean shipping company which collected supplies and shipped them in containers to the disaster-stricken area. Everything from paper towels to batteries to mosquito repellant.

Jewelry company owner Aliza Limehouse sent proceeds from the sale of her bracelets to the Bahamas and even the owners of the infamous Red Jeep pitched in setting up a Go Fund Me page in honor of the Red Jeep. Proceeds going to the Unicef to help with disaster relief.

People of the Lowcountry helping others knowing full well we may need the same in return someday.

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