A pillar of the Lowcountry community for nearly fifty years, Jean Wellmon, owner of Jean’s Bridal has a special way with people.

Although she’s our Everyday Hero, Wellmon prefers not to draw attention, but after many years of asking, she allowed News 2 in. Her style and generosity are a perfect fit.

They say style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. Seventy-six-year-old Jean Wellmon loves talking to people, but her style and generosity speak volumes all alone.

Jean, owner of Jean’s Bridal, a premiere wedding attire boutique in Mount Pleasant is from Orangeburg and has lived in Mount Pleasant for 52 years. She always had a love for fashion and worked in a boutique in high school.

“I opened this business in 1974. The first store I was on Coleman Boulevard in the Peach Orchard Plaza,” she said. “I started with fabric, I did some alterations, and it went into ready to wear. Then I got into more ready-to-wear and bridal and kept on moving.”

In addition to dressing generations of brides over the years, Jean has made it a priority to give back.

She is busy working behind the scene to provide help for those in need by donating to orphanages, donating formal gowns to organizations, and stepping up to help the community any way she can.

Every thoughtful act, a genuine and precise stitch of kindness. Jean says, “I believe strongly in helping and giving back to people. People have been very kind to me, and very generous to me over the years. I feel like I should give back to the community for those who have been so generous and kind to me.”

Michelle Waterbury, Jeans daughter helps manage the bridal boutique for nearly thirty years.
She says her mom has a heart to give. Waterbury says, “She has a way with people. It’s like no other. She can connect with people in ways most of us can’t. They will come in, and talk to her, and tell her their stories. She’s a great listener. What you see is what you get.”

Jean’s fabric of success has many layers, but she begins with the perfect pattern. She says longevity is measured by how you treat people.

Jean says, “Thank you to all of my customers over all these years. I wish I could tell you how many, but I have no idea. Now we’re having brides that we did many many years ago, they’re bringing their daughters back for their wedding, and telling their daughters this is where I got my wedding dress, so it’s all a blessing.”

After nearly half a century, she still has a passion for fashion and for helping others. Jean says, “I hope to keep doing this as long as I can keep on moving.”