A recent study by the CDC says pets provide invaluable health benefits to their human companions.

Tonight, a story on not only how our four-legged friends provide comfort MUSC but their owners who are dedicated to helping others in their time of need. These are just two of the 87 pet therapy teams both on and off the campus at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Both Ragamuffin and Beatrice certified thru the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Their job is simple, provide comfort and companionship for people at times they need it most.

Malia Dunn has been doing this for about six months now and there’s a reason she felt the need to do so. Last year, her husband was a cancer patient and received treatment at MUSC. It’s not just the patients who benefit from a visit by a furry friend.

The dedication it takes from the volunteers to train their dogs is hard to measure, but the satisfaction felt from those who come into contact with therapy dogs goes both ways.

A 2018 study says pets can lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, pain level, and the feeling of loneliness.