CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) –Disrupting the idea of a temporary fix, that’s the idea behind OneWorld Health, a global organization changing healthcare in developing countries, based here in Charleston. 

Tyler McCoy is the Vice President of finance and operations for OneWorld Health.

He says the non-profit can be best understood through its mission statement, care that endures. “So much great work happens in kind of what we would call the relief space of folks going over doing some short-term care, but then the continuity of care and long-term medical opportunities were lacking in these spaces.”

OneWorld Health is an organization founded on the principle that it takes more than a service trip to create change in other parts of the world. To fill that void, OneWorld Health builds facilities in developing countries to provide critical healthcare to the underserved:

“In 2010 we opened our first facility in Uganda, so it was staffed by 7 national Ugandan’s and we saw about 120 patients that first month, super exciting, we didn’t know what we were doing we didn’t know if it works. And now we have about 12 facilities and we are seeing about 100,000 patients a year.”

The facilities are self-functioning, and the impact goes a lot further than a temporary medical clinic. While the pandemic has changed a lot, it hasn’t slowed them down:

“We still have been building facilities, so we just opened a facility a few weeks ago in Nicaragua which is super exciting, we did a virtual grand opening, which was so fun, just to kind of be together.”

As far as the next steps, OneWorld Health looks forward to starting educational mission trips back up post-pandemic and they are opening a new facility this month in Honduras.