Everyday Hero: William “Butch” Barfield

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NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – William “Butch” Barfield’s roots run deep in North Charleston.

“…Been here all my life.” Barfield, a Garrett Academy of Technology graduate, took his first oath as a firefighter. “When I got out of high school I went straight to the fire department. I was there five years.”

He would later change uniforms but would continue to protect and serve the community – becoming a North Charleston Police Officer for more than 27 years.

He’s always cared about people.

“I didn’t look at them as criminals. they were human beings who made a mistake.”

For Barfield, his work was more than just making a paycheck.

“The fire department to the police department its public service its what we do. We may not get rich but I love every minute and wouldn’t change a thing.”

After serving for many years, he’s made several brothers in service and has unfortunately had to watch the pain and deaths of three fellow North Charleston Officers who died after a battle with cancer.

“I really miss Lieutenent Walters i miss Captain Stevens and I miss Chief Caldwell.”

Barfield says his biggest battle came from his own body. He survived a heart attack, but then came a devastating diagnosis. “I got diagnosed with esophageal cancer.”

His family continues to show unwavering support ans his wife, Laurie, is always at his side.

“I would put my hand on the side of the bed an another hand would fill it.”

Barfield uses the word “hero” only to describe others. “The true heroes are our First Responders and the medical field.”

He says that his strength comes from his faith and he wants everyone to know it.

“I have to deflect this hero stuff. I will embrace the opportunity to tell others of how the lord is working in my life.”

Barfield says no matter what you’re going through, one of the most important things you can do is stay positive.

“You just have to rally and be as positive as you can I hope that you have a support system like mine truly blessed for sure.”

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