Everyday Heroes: Dr. Daniel Mengedoht & Dr. Marjorie Mengedoht

Everyday Heroes

They have dedicated their lives to healing and helping others.  After sixty-five years of marriage and nearly forty years practicing medicine together, doctors Daniel and Marjorie Mengedoht continue to give back any way they can.  They’re our Everyday Heroes.

Partners in medicine, life, love, and service to the community, meet eighty-five-year-old Dr. Daniel Mengedoht and his wife eighty-seven-year-old Dr. Marjorie Mengedoht.  How do you pronounce their name? “Mengedoht, three men a bottle of gin and a dot,” says Dr. Dan.  Dr. Margie quickly chimes in,  “No two men and a G and a dot. The little patients couldn’t quite say Mengedoht, so he’s Dr. Dan and I’m Dr. Margie.  

Sixty-five years of marriage, and thirty-eight years of seeing thousands of patients in their shared pediatric practice, their work continues. “It’s a love match made in heaven,” says Dr. Margie.  “We met in medical school.  I was Marjorie Merritt. They assigned us alphabetically to all the same cadavers.  All the same experiments, and we were assigned to each other. There were four ladies in our medical school class. He got two ladies,and I was one of the ladies, but the other lady didn’t want to get her hands dirty, so she wouldn’t touch the cadaver, but I wanted to touch the cadaver because that’s the way I learn is touching.  We had to do our experiments together in Biology and all the ologies, and we did them, and we hand to write them up so we had to be together a lot.” That began a lifetime of devotion to each other, to their family, four children fourteen grandchildren, and three great grandchildren, and years of treating thousands of young patients. Even though they’re retired and enjoy their new life at Bishop Gadsden Retirement Community, they continue to give unselfishly to others throughout the Lowcountry.  Kimberley Borts, director of charitable giving and communications for Bishop Gadsden Retirement Community says, “Doctors Dan and Margie Mengedoht are Everyday Heroes because Bishop Gadsden is built on a culture of giving back, and they are exceptional examples of doing so.  They give their time, their talent, and patience in supporting those within the Bishop Gadsden community, as well as the greater Charleston community.”

Dr. Margie serves as the chief coordinator for the Bishop Gadsden Library. Dr. Dan is a master builder, building toys and making repairs for  residents. They continue to volunteer for Tricounty Family Ministries.  Dr. Dan collects carloads of clothes donated by residents.  He sorts, folds, and logs the value of each piece of clothing.  “I receive clothes two to three times a week, and we would take seven hundred clothes to Tri-County and I would keep a record of that to see how much we gave.  We have done this since 2011, and we have given over ninety-thousand pieces of clothing.  I figure that’s over 600-thousand in value, and we give that to the Tricounty Family Ministries.” Family friend Karl Jantzen says, “He’s really a national treasure.  He has served his God. He has served his country.  He served his family.  He has served his community.  We love him very much.”

They both mentor MUSC students, and offer scholarships to Citadel students.  Dr. Dan also collects can ring tabs and donates to the Ronald McDonald House.   Their son, Dan Mengedoht, Jr. says, “My parents are amazing people.  They are always serving the community. They give us the biggest shoes to try to fill.”

Their acts of kindness is medicine for the mind, body, and soul.  As they share their love of health, faith, family, and service to the community. Dr. Margie says, “Dr. Dan’s philosophy in life is to care about people.  It was one of the things I admired about him so much when I first met him.  He was always caring for other people.  It’s just been his way of life, sometimes to the detriment even of his family.  He’s always trying to help the other fella, which is a wonderful way to look at life. When God has given you so much, you have to give it back, and share it, and that’s the way he lives, so that’s the way i live.  We’re 65-years anniversary this year, and we love each other from the very moment we started, even more.”

Dr. Margie was instrumental in identifying the need to spearhead different teaching approaches for children with learning disabilities.  She helped to found Trident Academy in Mt. Pleasant.  Dr. Dan was very active in many community organizations, and had leadership roles in the Widows and Orphans Society and the Salvation Army.

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