CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – This week’s Everday Hero is more of a team than an individual, making strides in our community. Two new equines, helping to keep the streets of Charleston safe.

Bringing mounted police back to Charleston has been an idea in the making, for months and now, two aptly named horses, Watson and Holmes, will help detectives solve crimes in the Holy City.

Tommy Doyle, the General Manager of Palmetto Carriage Works said they are perfect for the job. “You know, everything needs a job, everything needs a purpose, and these two horses are just well suited, for this job of working for the police department,” he said.

Doyle has spent most of his life around horses, “I would make a terrible police officer, but I make a good horse person.”

Nowadays, Doyle is working to give back, and the right opportunity just trotted his way.

“I don’t really know the tactics or how it’s going to play out with the police department, but you know I looked at myself as a member of the community having lived here for 49 and a half years, raising my family here, I saw the police department was reaching out saying this is a good idea, so I am going to get on board with that.”

Easier said than done, to get the horses ready to take on their new careers has been months in the making:

“The police department came, they looked at the horses, we took the horses outside the city, where they rode the horses, got to know them, they liked the horses. The final thing that they did is they were vet checked by a veterinarian to make sure they were in good shape to do the job,” he said.

The Visitor’s Bureau has agreed to donate two horses, and equipment to the police department to help with both safety and tourism, across the city.

Next time you stop by the Carriage Barns in downtown Charleston, feel free to stop in and say ‘”hay” to the new mounts.

“You know Holmes and Watson are friendly, they are petted all the time when they are in our barns here, I can’t speak for the police department, but when they are here, people will be welcome to pet them while they are in their stalls.”

The police horses could be on the streets of Charleston as soon as December of this year. The partnership will go on for at least one year.