Doctors here this often—“I am tired all the time.” It is a common problem. Sometimes, fatigue is a medical issue; however, often you can increase your energy by changing your lifestyle.

Typically, fighting sleepiness is more than just getting more sleep. Many of you get plenty of sleep, yet you are still tired. Others do not get enough sleep, but it is probably because you get as much as you can and that is as good as it is going to get!

The week of Monday June 5 through Friday June 9, News 2’s Ashley Osborne brings you advice from experts in exercise, nutrition and medicine about how you can beat fatigue. Watch News 2 Today each morning this week.

First up, before you head to your doctor, before you go to the grocery store and change your eating habits, before any major change—Owner of Redux Yoga, Griffin Peddicord, shows you some stretches that you can do at home to help you feel more awake.

Next, we talk to Dr. Ann Kulze. She is a physician who specializes in health and wellness. Often, what we eat plays a big role in how energized we feel. Dr. Anne shares some foods that will keep you charged throughout the day and some to avoid that will slow you down.

Dr. Ann shares a recipe for her “Energy Balls” These guys are packed with nutrients that are beneficial for energy production at the cellular level. CLICK HERE for the recipe.

Dr. Ann says the four ingredients to feelings more energized are healthy nutrition, sleep, physical activity and stress management. She says if you figure out the first three, then stress should take care of itself. On Wednesday Dr. Ann shared ways to improve the quality of your sleep. She also talks about why physical activity is so important for a good night sleep.

Dr. Ann gives more tips for better sleep on her blog. CLICK HERE to read her blog post on sleep.

Similarly, Dr. Ann blogs about ways you can get your stress under control. CLICK HERE to read her blog post on tips for stress control.

On Thursday we heard from Dr. Dana Blalock. On top of her dental practice, Daniel Island Dentistry, Dr. Blalock helps people with snoring and Sleep Apnea at her practice Sleep Better South Carolina. When someone has Sleep Apnea, what is happening is the back of the throat gets closed off; therefore, blocking oxygen. Dr. Blalock says there is a large number of people who do not know they have Sleep Apnea or they are not being treated for it. She helps her patients by fitting them with an oral appliance. This oral appliance is a mouth piece unique to the problem of the individual. The oral appliance keeps the back of the throat open all night while the person sleeps.

Finally we talked to Dr. Justine Decastro. She is a physician at Sewee Family Medicine and she is also a mother of 4 kids—ages 1, 3, 5 & 7. Dr. Decastro says she treats a lot of busy moms and as a working mother herself, she says—I get it! She shares the advice she gives her patients to help them tackle their fatigue. Tune in Friday morning during News 2 Today for this final segment.