MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Five individuals were arrested Saturday in connection to recent car thefts in the Bridge Side Apartments area, according to the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

Officers were following up on a suspicious person’s complaint early Saturday morning.

One of the officers noticed a blue Toyota and red Prius they deemed suspicious. After shining their spotlight into one of the vehicles, the vehicle’s occupants avoided eye contact with the officer. When the officer tried to approach the occupants attempted to flee both vehicles.

Karriem Mayweather, 18, is charged with breaking into a motor vehicle and possession of a stolen vehicle. Michael Judge, 18, is charged with financial transaction card theft, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, and breaking into a motor vehicle.

The three remaining suspects are minors and are suspected of various charges, including possession of a stolen vehicle, breaking into a motor vehicle, unlawful carry of a firearm, and possession of a stolen firearm.