FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCBD) – Folly Beach city leaders postponed voting on their short-term rental ordinance during Tuesday’s city council meeting. Many people lined up for public comment, but no public comments were allowed on the topic.

City leaders are planning out dozens of regulations for rental properties, and stricter rules to ensure visitors behave in a way that is respectful to the island and its full-time residents.

“It’s important the owner has read applicable city ordinances including but not limited to regulations regarding noise, parking, alcohol on the beach, and animals,” says
Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin.

Currently, there are nearly 1,100 short-term rental properties on Folly Beach. They account for about 40% of properties on the island.

“The number of rentals is continuing to increase. We do this so we know that rentals aren’t going anywhere. It is important that we get a handle on their operations,” says Aaron Pope, Folly Beach’s City Administrator.

Former Folly Beach Mayor Dr. Richard Beck addressed the city council, asking them to look at capping the number of short-term rentals to avoid overwhelming the island.

“If we don’t put a cap on it, we don’t stop it, and there will be no end. If Folly will be the place everyone wants to make a dime, corporations included, they will come to our residential district,” says Dr. Beck.

As city leaders and residents who live in the area have been debating for several months on the best outcome for this ordinance, Dr. Beck says he hopes the city makes the best choices for the future of Folly.

“Folly is not just an island it is a way of life. This council can be the guardians, or you can be the ones to destroy it,” says Dr. Beck.

Council leaders say that when making this decision, they want to take their time and be sure they are doing what is best for the island. They plan to pick the discussion up again at a city council meeting next month.