Storms rolling into the Lowcountry means it could be rainy for at least part of the holiday weekend. People who work at restaurants and bars on Folly Beach say along with the 4th of July and Labor Day, Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest of the year. However, Folly Beach’s Mayor says people will still visit in the rain.

City of Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin says, “The rentals are rented. People are coming in for a week long vacation where they rent the houses for a week at a time so they’ll be here for their vacation.”

He says the businesses that will be the most impacted are the bars and restaurants who count on Charleston area customers in addition to tourists.

Goodwin says, “The locals just say, oh, it’s raining, we’re not going to the beach.”

Employees at Folly Crab Shack say the rain could spell trouble for their weekend.

Server Chandler Riggs says, “It just depends. If it’s raining we either don’t get any business, or it’s going to be a big ol’ everyone comes in from the beach right then and there and it gets slammed.”

She says so far, business this year has been off the charts.

Riggs says, “Spring Break here was probably one of the busiest weeks of history. They were crazy. People who have been here for years were saying it was the busiest week of their lives.”

Mayor Goodwin agrees, more tourists come to Folly Beach every year.

He says, “We’ve had a lot of return business here. Our rental properties and accommodation taxes keep going up every year and they keep coming, which is good for our economy since that is our economy for the most part.”

Charleston County Ocean Lifeguards also expect storms this weekend to bring stronger rip currents. Check out an interview with one of the Ocean Lifeguard trainers, Kurtyss Kasten about how to stay safe in the water this Memorial Day weekend.