EDITOR’S NOTE (8/9/22): This story from May 2016 has gained recent attention on social media. This is not a new or updated story.

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – A former jewelry store owner in Summerville has been charged with murdering his wife nearly a year ago. On Thursday morning, Michael Colucci appeared in court and was denied bond on the murder charge. During the court hearing, the father of the victim called Colucci a “liar.”

News 2’s Matt Alba was in the courtroom during the hearing. He says Sara Colucci’s father also said that Michael Colucci changed his story multiple times after her death. The Judge did stop the victim’s father from giving away his opinions and said this is not an evidentiary hearing.

Michael Colucci remains in custody at the Berkeley County Jail.

July 8 will be Colucci’s first appearance in general sessions court.

Colucci was arrested by SLED agents and booked just before noon Wednesday, May 4, 2016.  He’s accused of strangling his wife, Sara Lynn Moore-Colucci, on May 20, 2015, at 2206 North Main Street in Summerville. According to an affidavit, Berkeley County deputies found Sara’s body outside a building at that address. Michael Colucci reportedly told investigators that Sara got out of their vehicle, and some time later, he found her hung with a garden hose.

On July 30, 2015, Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis asked SLED to investigate, and according the affidavit, several witnesses told investigators that Michael Colucci said Sara hung herself with the garden hose while he was still sitting in the vehicle about 20 feet away. But the affidavit states medical evidence showed Sara was not strangled with the garden hose, and other evidence collected at the scene did not support Michael Colucci’s version of what happened, and indicated there was a fight or struggle.

Click here to read the entire affidavit

Michael Colucci is being held in the Berkeley County jail.

Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis issued the following statement regarding the case:

Shortly after I was sworn in as Sheriff, the family of Sara Lynn Colucci came to see me regarding concerns they had about their daughter’s death. After hearing their concerns, I pulled the case file and reviewed it, looked at the incident report, the statements and the photos. Based upon what I saw, I felt that having SLED come in and investigate the case was the best approach to make sure that a thorough investigation was completed. I want to thank Chief Keel and his agents for their efforts on this very important case.

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