CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — Christmas time is not only about giving gifts, but also, helping those in need. That’s exactly what happened Friday, when a family received a generous donation at the Eastern Community Development Corporation.

The holiday season means it’s also the giving season, and Friday, one donor decided to pay it forward to a family in need.

“We got a call from our state representative Wendell Gilliard to say that we had a donor,” Latonya Gamble of the Eastern Community Development Corporation said. “Mr. Andy Selent wanted to give some gifts to our community.”

Selent certainly paid it forward in a big way.

“We got gift cards, TVs,” Gamble said. “We got tables, chairs, a monitor and money. Who doesn’t need money this time of year? So, we are truly grateful to Mr. Andy Selent and Representative Wendell Gilliard.”

The Jefferson Family were the recipients of Friday’s donations and says they are very grateful.

“We came here today to get some gifts and things from the community center to help out for us for Christmas,” Iesha Jefferson said. “I’m just thankful, and thank you again for the gifts and donations.”

The Eastern Community Development Corporation hopes to continue seeking kind acts like this.

“Please, please, please keep paying it forward because you get the blessing in the end,” Gamble said.

The Jefferson Family hopes their holiday is special.

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you, and Merry Christmas,” Jefferson said.

The Eastern Community Development Corporation says acts of generosity like this is truly an embodiment of the Christmas spirit.