Gloria Allred blames staff training at Embassy Suites following sexual assault.

Gloria Allred blames staff training at Embassy Suites following sexual assault. (Image 1)_9894

 Gloria Allred is well known in celebrity legal battles, the women associated with Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods and former presidential candidate Herman Cain, to name a few.  On Monday it is an alleged sexual assault victim in North Charleston and it involves a massive and well known hotel chain.

It is alleged to have happened at a company Christmas party on December 14, 2013.  The alleged victim helped organize the event at Embassy Suites on International Blvd. in North Charleston. She later wanted to turn-in early to her rented room because she wasn’t feeling well.

Allred says later on, a male acquaintance attending the party gained entry to her room and sexually assaulted her.

“Another co-worker went to Embassy’s check-in desk and alleged he was her boyfriend and needed her hotel room key to check on her.” Allred went on to say. “The desk clerk, without calling her to ask for authorization, which Kayla would have denied since the man was not her boyfriend, issued the man who was inebriated, a key that allowed him access.” said Allred in a quick interview while she waited for a departing plane at Charleston International on Tuesday.

In the initial police report given to us by the North Charleston police department, it says the victim didn’t know what happened at the time. When asked if she was sexually assaulted she said no but was later taken to hospital that evening to be evaluated. Although Allred says there was enough evidence gathered to arrest the suspect, Stewart Middleton in 2013.

“He is being criminally prosecuted, so the prosecutor believes that there is sufficient evidence to support a prosecution of criminal sexual misconduct.”

The criminal process has yet to play out while a civil suit is gearing up against another well-known name– Hilton Worldwide owns Embassy Suites and if found negligent Allred believes it will be costly.

“All I can say is significant. I mean she was asleep in her room she was ill and I couldn’t imagine. This is very, very frightening.” 

 The alleged victim in this case gave News 2 her statement on the lawsuit filed on Monday in Charleston, SC.

A memorable night I had planned for my co-workers turned into a nightmare – I will never forget.

Knowing that this traditional event, a company Christmas party, would possibly involve recreational alcohol use with a late ending, I opted to ensure the safety of myself by booking a hotel room for the night, only to awaken in a hospital bed early the next morning.

               Shock and fear took over my body. The law enforcement officer that was seated near my bed quickly called for the nurse. When I asked her what I was doing there, she said: “You don’t remember?” “You were raped.”

               So many questions flooded my mind. I know I left the party early because I was not feeling well. I knew I had gone to sleep alone. What happened to me? As the weeks went by, and more information came out not only was I betrayed by a co-worker, but I was also betrayed by the hotel.

               My hotel room key was given to my attacker by hotel staff. All it took was him telling them that he was my boyfriend.

               There are so many “What if’s” that have run through my mind, that I haven’t had a chance to just simply ask “why.” Why was it so easy for him to get a key to my room? Why did this happen to me?

               I feel that Embassy Suites did not care about my safety and that is why I was victimized.

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