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This week, Nicole wants to know how Folly Beach became known as ‘The Edge of America’.

Laid back living at its best, Folly Beach hasn’t changed much through the years, which is saying a lot since people have lived on it for hundreds of years.

“It’s a small town, everybody knows everybody’s business and if they don’t, they’ll make it up by 9 o’clock,” joked Mayor Tim Goodwin.

It also has history. George Gershwin wrote the musical ‘Porgy and Bess’ while vacationing on Folly.

And, it has had its fair share of names. It was called Coffin Island before the Civil War, and for years it was known as Mayberry by the Sea. It still is by some.

“I think it’s wonderful,” said Goodwin.

But Folly Beach is now known as “The Edge of America.” I went to Mayor Goodwin to find out why.

“It all started by two owners of the Ocean Sports Surf Shop,” he explained.

Bill Perry and Betty Sue Cowsart were the two who came up with it.

“I haven’t been able to find out exactly when they did it, but they came up with The Edge of America, it’s actually a registered trademark,” said Goodwin.

The trademark was filed in 1996, registered in ’97 — they originally used it in their surf shop to print on t-shirts and bumper stickers. But eventually, the city used that to replace its other slogan, Mayberry by the Sea.

 “We got permission to use it as a city as long as it’s not anything for sale,” he said. “I always make sure I contact them ahead of time whenever we want to use the slogan to make sure.”

I tried to talk to the two responsible for this, but Bill and Betty Sue traded one island for another.

“Last I heard they were in the Virgin Island,” said Goodwin. “I don’t know where they are, I know they are out of e-mail and telephone contact right now.”

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