GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCBD) – Goose Creek City Council on Tuesday voted in favor of an ordinance that would prohibit open carry during events held on city property.

The city’s public information officer, Frank Johnson, said the second reading will happen Tuesday night. “It’s simply a continuation of a rule that was already on the books here,” he said.

An ordinance that banned concealed carry was already in place. But when the State House legalized open carry earlier this year, the city decided they needed to make a change to their ordinance.

“This is just for city events on city property or if someone has a permit for an event that is taking place on city property, that’s who it would apply to,” said Johnson.

The revised ordinance specifies: “parades, events, block parties, performances, filming, and picketing permits, and to provide for a prohibition of the open carry of firearms during pickets and other permitted events on public property.”

Johnson went on to say, “We base it on the advice we get from our law enforcement, So, for matters like this – or really any other public safety – we’re going to listen to our law enforcement on it.”

He said it’s not any kind of city-wide open carry ban.

“That’s just not what’s going on here,” he said. “And in fact, for large gatherings that aren’t on city property, it’s up to them- so if you’re hosting a large gathering, it’s up to you whether what the ruled are for that.”