A building that many in Goose Creek consider a local landmark may soon be demolished.

Berchador Coliseum was the place to be in the 80s. If you were a kid or a teenager in Goose Creek at the time, you probably have lots of memories of skating at Berchador.

Jack Etling is one of those, “I’ve been going there all my life until they closed of course. Actually contacted my mom earlier and asked her how old I was, she said I was nine when I started going.”

Etling skated, but later worked at Berchador Coliseum. “I’ve done about everything you can do at the skating rink. The snack bar, worked as a DJ, front counter, the skate room, everything. I made a lot of good friends there, lifelong friends.”

Berchador Coliseum, named after Berkeley Charleston and Dorchester Counties, has been in Goose Creek for many, many decades. Mayor Michael Heitzler says, “When I got here 50 years ago, this was the only significant structure in so-called downtown Goose Creek.”

Heitzler says Popeye’s chicken restaurant has purchased the property and is planning to demolish the building and build a new restaurant. “They got a permit to demolish the building and build a restaurant.”

Etling says that’s sad news. “I hate to see it go. I mean if I had a way of doing it, I would love to be able to get a hold of some people and find a way to open it back up. If nothing else for our kids, so they would have the same stuff we had growing up.”

Lots of people online are reliving memories, and expressing disappointment that the building will be demolished.

Etling says he created lots of great memories at Berchador. “Definitely more than one girlfriend through the skating rink. You’re going to get me in trouble now.”

We don’t have my time-frame of when the building may be demolished.