CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – South Carolina’s Democratic candidate for governor Joe Cunningham held a rally in the Lowcountry with his running mate, Tally Casey.

Both gathered at the Tradesman Brewery Company to talk about key issues they say they will fix and why they are the best choice to lead our state.

“Folks are ready for a new generation of leadership. They are ready for values that match their own, so we are excited about that,” says Cunningham.

“I can’t afford to sit on the sidelines anymore so I am very happy to be on the ticket,” says Casey.

Both talked about the detailed plans for what they are going to do if they are elected.

“We are not going to raise taxes, but we are going to explore new sources of revenue. We are going to legalize marijuana, legalize sports betting, and we are going to take that revenue and pay our teachers more,” says Cunningham.

Cunningham says he and Casey are bringing changes our state desperately needs. He says Governor Henry McMaster is to blame for South Carolina lagging behind.

“This guy has been a politician longer than I have been alive and look where it’s gotten our state,” he says.

He says he is focusing on making changes he feels are necessary to put South Carolina on the national stage.

“We are dead last in roads, we are near the bottom of healthcare and schools, our teachers are leaving by the troves. He refuses and won’t do anything about it,” says Cunningham.

Governor Henry McMaster’s office released a statement regarding Cunningham’s rally saying,

“While Joe Cunningham lies about the governor, he refuses to say where he stands on Joe Biden’s foolish law that pretends we can spend our way out of inflation. The truth is that voters know the governor continues to deliver for them, including jobs, investment, and fighting every single day for the values that make South Carolina great. No Tik Tok video Joe Cunningham cuts or rally he holds is going to change the facts,” says Mark Knoop, McMaster-Evette Campaign Manager.

The South Carolina General Elections are Tuesday, November 8.