ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. (WCBD) – Two women visiting the Isle of Palms recounted the frightening moment when they witnessed a child at the bottom of the pool at a local resort.

Tiffany Ross and Abby Ham have spent the last few days vacationing with their families at the Wild Dunes Resort.

The ladies said they were at the Sweetgrass Inn pool on Wednesday when they noticed a panicked mother looking for her child. The family jumped into action immediately and called the child’s name.

“A dad spotted him at the bottom of the pool and jumped in and picked him up and put him on the side of the pool,” Ham told News 2.

Ham said her husband and another bystander began performing CPR on the child. According to officials with the Isle of Palms Fire Department, they responded just before 5:30 pm. They provided treatment before the child was taken to MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital for further evaluation.

The families said the situation was unlike anything they had seen before.

“I think that was the most shocking thing. There’s not a lot of chaos, there’s not a lot of commotion. He was just down there,” Ross said.

Signs around the pool indicate there is no lifeguard on duty, but Ham said she was left wondering if the resort has a medically trained staff member ready for incidents like that – and if they do, where were they?

“I feel like when you have that many children in one location there should be some kind of medical personnel. If it’s not lifeguards, it should be a medic on staff that could be at the ready if something were to happen,” Ham suggested.

The situation served as a reminder about the realities of drowning.

“This can happen to any family. And I think it’s terrifying to even envision, but it can happen, and it can happen fast,” Ham said.

News 2 went inside the Sweetgrass Inn to talk to management. A staff member said they were not able to provide information.