The number of burglaries in Hanahan has many residents very concerned. 

On Facebook, residents say they are tired of the recent burglaries. It even promoted Hanahan Mayor Minnie Newman to send a FB message to Police Chief Dennis Turner, asking him to look into it. 

News 2’s Raymond Owens spoke with Chief Turner about the issue. “Well, I saw the message board also, and I went back and looked at the statistics for them since July 1. Up to this past Thursday we had 17 reported burglaries.”

Chief Turner says 2 of those have been cleared by an arrest, 2 suspects were known by the victim and two were simply attempted burglaries. “Each one has been assigned an investigator. There is forensic evidence that’s been examined. It’s going through the examination process now, but takes a little bit of time.”

He said they are spread out throughout Hanahan. 

Turner wants residents to know they are on top of these crimes. “Because they are active investigations, we are limited in what we can put out.”

A couple of them took place in Dominion Hills. Richard Hassell lives in Dominion Hills. The fact that criminals are lurking around is a problem. “That’s something that’s concerned me over just the last little while.” 

It’s caused some changes. “I lock up everything. I don’t keep anything in my vehicle of any value… my wife’s nice new car, we put that in the garage. And we’ve got two dogs that you can’t shut up.”

Chief Turner recommends taking similar precautions and maybe even installing a home security system. In the meantime, “Whatever time it might take, we’re going to do it to identify who’s responsible and bring them to justice.”