(WCBD) – The weight of a child’s backpack can be really bad for their back, possibly leading to chronic back pain.

Physicians say backpacks can cause health problems if they weigh more than 10- to 20-percent of a child’s body weight.

Steve Hannigan, a Chiropractor in South Carolina, says he has seen heavy backpacks cause muscular back pain as well as lower back pain.

“If they could use the computers,” Hannigan said.  “Most of the stuff should be available online so that they don’t have to carry any books to and from school,” Hannigan added.

If possible, parents are encouraged to work with teachers to limit the number of books their kids carry to the classroom.

If that’s not possilbe, a backpack that’s well-padded along the back is recommended. Always weat it with both straps ont he shoulds to distribute the weight evenely.

Expets also suggest getting your kids rolling backpacks.