CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – This week, News 2 brought you a two-part series on homelessness in the City of Charleston and what officials are doing to help out those in need. One longtime Charleston restaurant is stepping up and coordinating efforts to make sure there’s not an empty plate in sight.

Handing out lunches to those in need is something Hyman’s Seafood Company has done for 30 years. Owner Eli Hyman says it boils down to just trying to make a difference.

“The why is that everybody can make a difference. [People] deserve dignity and respect. Nobody should go through anybody’s garbage cans. Just come by and ask for something to eat, we’re happy to give it to you, no questions asked.”

But then COVID-19 hit in March, crippling the restaurant and hospitality industry, and forcing everything to change.

“It’s been challenging, but we get through it,” says Hyman.

The change left more looking for food with fewer and fewer being able to provide a meal to those who need it.

“When COVID-19 started, we had closed the restaurant down for maybe nine or ten weeks and I felt really amiss that I wasn’t able to do what we’re doing outside in front of the restaurant,” says Hyman.

While the restaurant was closed, Hyman put out a call for help on Nextdoor. He says his neighbors jumped into action to answer the call and supply food for those in need.

“One thing led to another and every day these gracious neighbors of mine bring by food,” says Hyman who credits his neighbors for jumping to help. “I’m the facilitator, that’s all my job is.”

Help coming from two outlets in separate instances, Hyman’s Seafood and Hyman’s neighbors.

“Metaphorically if everybody does their own little small part, like a drop in a pond but if you have a lot of drops it fills the pond up. So if everybody just does their own little small part, we truly can make this world a greater place,” says Hyman.

Meals are available every day during Hyman’s Seafood operating hours, all you have to do is ask at the front door.