MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – A large piece of land in Mount Pleasant’s Carolina Park is on its way to being developed.

The Town of Mount Pleasant owns 38 acres of land off of Faison Road and is planning to use 11 of those for development.

According to Matt Brady, the town’s Economic Development Manager, the plan is to have about 62,000 square feet worth of economic development, 30 attainable housing units, and civic space.

He said once the project is complete, people can expect a “sort of a high-end commercial district with some attainable housing that hopefully has great high paying jobs and also the possibility for some sort of entertainment or a hospitality situation out there.”

Before this proposal can happen, the current Carolina Park Planned Development will need to be amended, which was considered by the town’s Planning Commission on Wednesday.

Brady explained life science, tech, innovation, entrepreneurship, and firms are among the types of businesses the town is aiming to bring to the property.   

A civic/senior center is also a possibility for the area. Over the summer, council approved including a facility of that type in the concept, however the details are still being worked out.

“I’m on record of saying that I would like to see more for the seniors and more for the kids. You know, we only have one senior center here and they have to come against the traffic and go against the traffic whenever they come down to it and I think we need something out there for them and the kids as well,” said Gary Santos, the Mount Pleasant Mayor Pro Tem and town council member.

If the rezone is approved by the planning commission, it will go to council for consideration. So far, there are no plans for the other 27 acres, according to officials.