MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD)- Welcome to pollen season in South Carolina.

It’s the time where no matter what color your car is, it looks slightly yellow.

“With the weather now, it came a little sooner than I thought, it seems like,” Driver, Jordyn Huger said. “It’s kind of annoying with the yellow and everything.”

Pollen can be a hassle to keep up with, because of the constant maintenance it takes to keep your car clean.

However, while pollen is an inconvenience for drivers.

It’s money in the bank for car washes.

“No, we love this. Yesterday was gangbusters, today as you have seen has been crazy,” Owner of Mt. Pleasant Wash and Wax, David Ferm said.

Ferm says he counts down the days until pollen season.

“When we don’t really have a good pollen season, car washed don’t make money,” Ferm said.

He says their sales jump up 15-20%, cleaning hundreds of cars every day.

“I’m hoping this year is 20-30%,” Ferm said.

However, with the springtime pollen, also comes lots of rain showers, which is Ferm’s biggest competitor.

“They’ll put it off further, and that just takes away from the business,” Ferm said.

Of course, we all hope the pollen leaves, but Ferm says his fingers are crossed that it sticks around a little longer.