CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- The growing Hispanic population in Charleston is getting to celebrate a second annual Hispanic Heritage Month in the city.

“We are excited because when I came from California in 2002 it was a completely different situation in Charleston,” said Nilsy Rapalo, a member of Charleston’s Latinx Advisory Board and a former News 2 Remarkable Woman Candidate. “We can reflect on the numbers of the schools. For example the schools now in the district have 60 percent Hispanic kids.”

Over a dozen events will give the growing Hispanic community chances to showcase their culture and work towards progress on common issues.

“This year Hispanic Heritage Month will be full of occasions of celebrate our entire heritage,” said Pedro De Armas, the Editor-In-Chief of El Informador Newspaper.

Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg invited the hosts of all the events to speak at City Hall on Thursday.

A Charleston Battery match, a speaker series, music performances and festivals will take place over the next month. The full list can be found here.

“(Hispanics) are professionally involved in our community in fields of healthcare, education, business, law, media as well as cultural and performing arts,” said Mayor Tecklenburg.

With members of the Charleston Latinx Advisory Board in attendance, Mayor Tecklenburg pledged to be more inclusive and improve communication by releasing all emergency notices in Spanish and English.

The mayor also wants to push for more Hispanics to serve on city boards beyond the Latinx group.

The changes are welcomed by members like Rapalo with more issues on the table to tackle for the Hispanic community.

“We need to talk with health boards to see if we can adapt some of the requirements for health provider that we are having come from other countries,” said Rapalo. “The standards are so high or so difficult to reach that we can have nurses and doctors in the community do landscaping or construction because the standards that we have to get a license are so difficult.”