CHARLESTON, SC – When news of the Westboro Baptist Church coming to Charleston to protest the funeral services of the nine victims of the Charleston Church Shooting became public, Charlestonians quickly planned a Human Wall Barrier to protect the funerals from the protests.

On the Facebook event, titled “Human Wall Barrier to protect AME funerals,” organizers say they will be creating a human, peaceful barrier between the protesters and the families.

The event runs from June 22 to June 28th and the administrators say once they know when the funeral services are going to be, they will show up an hour before and stand shoulder to shoulder between the funeral and the Westboro Baptist Church protesters. They are asking everyone to bring a six pack of water to share and they say to share them with the protesters as well.

The organizer says “MOST IMPORTANTLY, You must be able to maintain a level head during this. WBC is notorious for baiting people into a confrontation, and then they sue. This includes verbal confrontations! If you do not think you will be able to control your temper in the face of their nonsense, please stay home and send only moral support! We will remain calm, silent, and peaceful.”

The Sheriff and the City of Charleston has been contacted regarding protocol for an event like this and the end of the event post reads: “***WE WILL STAND ARM IN ARM, SHOULDER TO SHOULDER. No sheets, no umbrellas. We can have some signs but I want them all directed at SHOWING LOVE FOR THE FAMILIES AND NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGING THE PROTESTERS!!!

?#?CharlestonStrong? ?#?LoveWins”

Visit the Facebook event here: