I-26 lane reversals enforced to prepare for Hurricane Dorian


LADSON, SC (WCBD) – On Monday morning,  law enforcement in the Lowcountry began the evacuation process for Hurricane Dorian, issued by the Governor.

To prepare for the upcoming storm, evacuations and lane reversals are underway.

“It’s just a total mess, it messes up your whole day,” says Lucia Weiner, a Ladson resident.

Early on Monday morning, lanes were blocked off along I-26.

Highway patrol began the process by flushing in the interstate from the Lowcountry to Columbia.

A  flyover by law enforcement then took place to assure that nobody was driving in the incorrect direction.

“I think many people will evacuate because they’ve been told to because of the mandatory evacuation,” says Ryan Culp, a Ladson resident.

For other residents, they’ve chosen to stick out the storm.

“For me, I have no choice because I have animals and most places aren’t taking animals to keep in shelters,” says Weiner.

“There are going to be a lot of people that will stay. For me personally, I’m staying because I don’t think the storm is going to be that bad when it gets here,” says Culp.

Whether you choose to stay or getaway, residents believe that patience is crucial.

“Definitely, understand that it’s going to be busy. Follow the rules and don’t try to drive like a maniac.   Everyone is trying to get out and there’s only one road out of Charleston,” says Culp.

If you are trying to map out some available routes and ramps, we have some for you to check out the link here

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