CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Indigenous comic book characters are highlighted in Marvel Comics’ latest inclusion initiative, plus a DC villain introduced in The Joker War storyline gets her own book, and a brand new Power Rangers story kicks off today in this New Comics Wednesday!

First up from Marvel we have Marvel Voices: Indigenous Voices #1, a new book that shines the spotlight on Native American characters and creators in Marvel Comics. A great jump on comic for those interested in the amazing stories brought to the page by these accomplished writers and artists.

Next up from DC we have the Punchline Special! Punchline is a new character from DC who was introduced in The Joker War as a twisted sidekick to the Clown Prince of Crime. Now that The Joker War has concluded, Punchline has been arrested and she has decided that she is going to tell the world her story of tragedy and how she was actually a victim of The Joker the whole time. Is Punchline telling the truth, or is she attempting to play the system?

From BOOM! Studios a brand new Power Rangers story! Well, two to be precise. The Mighty Morphin’ and Power Rangers! The Mighty Morphin’ team are on earth, dealing with problems, as well as the emergence of a brand new Green Ranger who was not seen on the ’90s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers T.V. show. The Power Rangers team are the original three Rangers, who are based in space, battling a galactic empire that is blowing up planets! The Rangers have to work together, and possibly work with one of their arch enemies in order to stop this world ending threat.

And our Captain’s Comic Pick Of The Week is Empyre from Marvel Comics! In this epic story, The Avengers must team up with the Fantastic Four to stop two warring alien races who have decided to put their differences aside to take over the Earth! Can the combined forces of The Avengers and Fantastic Four save the planet?

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