Inside the H.L. Hunley


We are learning more about the civil war era submarine, the H.L. Hunley.

The Friends of the Hunley Project, a non-profit organization working to preserve the submarine, said more human remains have been found inside and that the crew compartment is now becoming more “visible”.

For scientists and researchers, it’s become part of the lengthy preservation project.

“The Hunley is an extreme mystery because it was a unique vessel.” said Clemson Archaeologist Michael Scafuri.

Scafuri said there was no other vessel like it and was the first successful combat submarine by sinking the USS Housatonic.

The H.L. Hunley sank on February 17, 1864 and wasn’t discovered until May of 1995. It was then recovered from the floor of the Atlantic Sea in August of 2000.

The latest pictures and videos of the Hunley at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center in Charleston shows the inside of the crew compartment becoming visible.

“It actually looks like a submarine. You can see the iron plating, you can seen the hatches, and other components that made it work as a submarine.” said Scafuri

We are told conservators recently found a tooth on crank position number 3, where conservators believe crew member Frank Collins sat.

Archaeologists working to preserve the submarine said they are also finding the submarine’s design to be “more sophisticated” that originally thought.

“It has a system of different size gears that helped enhance the output of the crank-generated power, helping maximize the impact of the crew’s hard work.” said Friends of the Hunley President, Kellen Correia.

The look inside the submarine will show how cramped the eight crew-members must have been inside working on the roughly 4-foot tall hull.

The Friends of the Hunley Project give tours to the public on the weekends only.

Tours are Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM until 5 PM and Sunday Noon – 5 PM.

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