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Call Collett: erroneous charges pop up on Comcast bills

A Lowcountry woman says a random charge popped up on her cable bill.   She explained the error to the cable company multiple times over six months, but they wouldn't drop the charges.  So she called Count on 2 investigator Rebecca Collett for help.

There’s a chance you, like Jennifer Woolf, have experienced this maddening scenario.

“You’ve been on for more than an hour,” Woolf begins explaining her situation.  “All of a sudden they go to transfer you or put you on hold, and they disconnect you.”

Woolf has spent hours on the phone trying to resolve her issue with Comcast after a modem rental fee appeared on her bill.  The problem is that the family bought their modem off Amazon in February 2017.  They had no problems until that $11 rental fee appeared in January 2018.  

“It adds up. It’s also the principal,” she told News 2’s Rebecca Collett.

The family spent an estimated 20 hours over the last six months on the phone with customer service.  They tried, unsuccessfully, to speak with managers.  They even went into the Johns Island store armed with receipts for the modem they bought. The most recent solution was for customer service just cut off the internet entirely.

“I called you because we can’t get answers. We can’t get a resolution, and we have no internet,” Woolf said.

On Thursday News 2 contacted Comcast.  By Friday at 10 AM the problem was resolved. The company is now working on a refund for the months of rental charges.

In a statement a spokesman wrote: “Once you brought the issue to our attention, we immediately resolved it and apologize to the customer for her inconvenience.”

Comcast is still researching why the rental fee randomly showed up on the Woolf’s bill. 

This doesn’t appear to be an isolated case.  A quick search online shows other complaints about the rental fee appearing on bills in error.  The Woolf’s shared their story so others would watch their bills closely for erroneous charges.

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