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Call Collett: Lowcountry man waits months for court ordered social security

The Social Security Administration owed a Lowcountry man thousands of dollars.   A judge ordered the agency to pay him nearly six months ago.  Until News 2 got involved, the man didn't receive the money. 

Little Reed’s life sounds like a country music song.

“My ceiling fell out,” he explained. “My dog fell through my porch.” 

But Reed can’t fix up his Summerville home because he’s waiting on a check from the Social Security Administration.  The agency owes him more than $3,600.  

In April Reed took the agency to court to sort out confusion over how much the agency owed him. A judge ordered the agency pay him. Court records showed he wasn’t able to maintain heat during winter months because he didn't have the income. Despite the April judgment,  Reed hadn't received a check when he reached out to News 2.

“I call every two weeks,” he explained.  But he says every time he calls, he’s told to call back in two more weeks.

That's why he called Collett.

 “We apologize for the office not issuing the payment as quickly as possible and are taking actions to ensure future issues are addressed timely,” an agency spokesman told News 2’s Rebecca Collett.

News 2 contacted Social Security at 12:30 on August 21. By close of business that same day, the agency confirmed they released the funds to Reed via direct deposit.

The spokesman explained the case is “complex” and required “action from several departments”.  He said the process was not handled as quickly as it could have been.   

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